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Types of income which can make you a millionaire

In today’s world, there are many millionaires who have gained recognition for them self by reaching the top of their field by sheer hard work. Not many people know this but earning money by regularly performing for a 9-5 job is not the only road which one can take to become a millionaire.

Most of the people who are seen continuously showing their money are extremely smart and know how to diversify their income to make more money out of it. Thus to share some of the secrets with you, here are the various types of income which you can start earning right away to become a millionaire.

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Earned Income

Earned income is where you provide certain types of services and spending your time to earn money. This type of income comes under the factor where your job plays a key role. The money earned from this is not much and generally is just enough to keep you from going broke. This is undoubtedly an excellent way to make money, but once you get too comfortable in this zone, you will spend the rest of your life doing the same work and getting paid the same amount, thus not being able to fulfill your additional desires due to restricted finance.

Profit Income

Profit incomes is the additional money which a person earns from the service they provide. This form of income can only take place if you are an entrepreneur and not a person working under someone. An excellent example of this service is when a person sells their commodity above the actual price of it or more than the total price of what went into making the commodity, then the difference in actual cost and selling price is called and profit income.


Interest Income

Interest income is a form of passive income where you as a person do not have to do any work as the place where you have invested the money will take care of all the finance. Lending money to banks in the form of FD, buying government bonds and investing in the stock market come under this category. The amount of interest you earn is solely based on the level of risk you are ready to make as a person, as higher the risk the greater the reward.

Rental Income

Out of all the ways on this list through which a person can make additional income, rental income is the most profiting and secure. Rental income is gained when you are allowing another person to rent or use your asset for a specific period of time in exchange for money. There is a certain catch in this type of income as the money utilized to make or buy such asset is generally a large amount, thus to recover it, reach a breaking point and then make profits by using it is going to take a lot of time. An essential factor which a person needs to have to gain this type of profit is patience.

Royalty Income

To gain royalty income, you will first have to come up with a unique idea which can be repeatable. Undoubtedly creating an asset such as this will take time but once created, the amount of money which will come pouring in could be unlimited. The process of gaining royalty income is where you allow another person to use your idea so that they can earn certain profits from it. An excellent example of this is creating franchises, any person can open a franchise but in order to do that and use another person’s business name to make money, will require certain payoffs in the form of royalty.

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